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Teelah George: Meatworks Mens Qrtrs

David Brophy, 2013


In her first solo show at OK Gallery, emerging local artist Teelah George presents a series of works completed in a recent residency at Fremantle Arts Centre ... read more (0.1MB PDF)

A Contemporary Exploration of Light

Jillian Betterton, 2013


This emphasis on light, as both subject and medium, touches upon the place of light in art and the enduring power of its attraction ... read more (0.1MB PDF)

Hatched – National Graduate Show 2013

Abbi Todd, 2013


This is an important exhibition that kick starts the recent graduates' careers and gives them the chance to ... read more (0.2MB PDF)

Bear Among Bees

Speaking with...


A series of monthly chats between Claire Busby and an artist based in Western Australia ... read more (Website)

Sam Doctor @ PICA

Pam Langdon, 2011


"Sam Doctor’s video was screened in a small very dark space on the first floor of PICA. The video’s haunting beauty caught my eye and I was compelled..." read more (PDF)

Zoe Barry Interview

Claire Bushby, 2011


"The idea of gift graffiti came to me and it was interesting seeing people's reactions when they passed by a gift wrapped electrical box..." read more (PDF)

Where once bread, now crumbs lie...

Louise Morrison, 2011


"Feelings of displacement in Australia have not eased by the realisation that [Elisa Markes-Young's] memories of homes past are becoming incomplete, inaccurate or lost..." read more (PDF)

Kristi Chua Interview

Claire Bushby, 2011


"I am being authentic to myself. I am happy in my own skin when I am creating, and to 'not' create usually results in me feeling unwell and depressed. Its just something I have to do, like breathing..." read more (PDF)

Alex Spremberg Interview

Clare Peake, 2010


"My aim is to experientially guide our attention to our visual conditioning, to show how assumptions and projections interfere with our ability to perceive. Perception is an active not a passive..." read more

Artist in Profile: Angela McHarrie

Clare Peake, 2010


In Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice while playing croquet in the garden observes that she is unable to figure out if there are any rules to the game and if there is... read more

Artist in Profile :
Pip & Pop

Clare Peake, 2010


Collaborative duo Pip & Pop's, installation works are usually creations made up of a great deal of small pieces to form what looks like some kind of alternate universe. What came to my mind... read more

Exhibition Review: Cecile Williams

Carmel Warner, 2010


Contained is the latest body of work produced by Cecile Williams, comprising a series of dioramas based on the experiences of the artist while on Christmas Island. Using flotsam and jetsam... read more (PDF)

Exhibition Review: Olga Cironis

Jennifer Pitch, 2010


Olga Cironis loves blankets. Or perhaps it’s not so much blankets that she loves, but the idea of covering things to change their purpose. Maybe it’s about protection; we as humans enjoy masks... read more (PDF)

Geoff Overheu Interview

Louise Morrison, 2009


On the weekend before his exhibition opened at Turner Galleries in Northbridge, Louise Morrison got Geoff to explain his exasperation with “crazy curators” and his joy at seeing what... read more (PDF)

Artist in Profile: Elizabeth Delfs

Clare Peake, 2009


Elizabeth Delfs’ quiet, undulating forms appear amoeba like and skeletal. Looking at the objects, these tensile structures hang with a sense of lightness and breathability, as if about to... read more

Nothing to see here...

Christopher Young, 2009


There is an almost anthropological fascination in these faces. We marvel at their expressions, clothing and features yet this intimate intrusion also disturbs us. We might not immediately see ourselves in these images but we do recognise... read more

The Authentic Myth

Christopher Young, 2008


The Authentic is a very useful tool with which to bridge cultural gaps, create connections and provide broader insight into an artistic practice. This highly scholastic, research-based approach to interpreting the past contrasts vividly with the work ... read more

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